Analytical R&D capabilities at Britannia Biological LLP:

The Analytical R & D (ARD) caters to API, Formulations development for generics as well as NCEs. The ARD has ability to support small molecules, peptides and non-biological complex drugs. We also have in house capability to support a wide variety of formulations development for cytotoxic and high potency molecules in parenteral (embracing nano; liposomal & micro particulate technologies) and solid dosage forms.

A wide range of chromatographic separation techniques (HPLC, UPLC, GC, and IC) and detection techniques (UV, FL, MS, ELSD, RI, FID, TCD, etc.) to meet the requirement of different types of compounds including the ones that do not have chromophores.

  • Compendial testing (USP, EP, BP, JP, etc.)
  • Residual solvents by HSGC
  • Control and monitoring of genotoxic and elemental impurities
  • Enantiomeric separation by normal phase HPLC & GC
  • Stability-indicating assay and/or related substances methods for drug substances and drug products (stress stability testing as per ICH).
  • Method development, qualification, validation and transfer
  • Stability protocol development and program management
  • Stability storage, testing and data trending
  • Cleaning validation, Detoxification studies & process validation
  • Preformulation studies, Physico Chemical Characterization and Reverse Engineering
  • Invitro correlation studies with RLD
  • Bioanalytical studies to support preclinical and clinical studies during NCE development
Structural Chemistry and Solid State Characterisation:
  • Impurity and degradation product identification and structural elucidation
  • Characterisation of API, Product, Reference standards and pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Analytical reference standards qualification
  • Solid state characterisation for various crystalline and amorphous forms
  • Physicochemical characterisation using thermal, particle size determination, dynamic vapour sorption studies, surface area analysis etc.
  • Characterisation of peptide drugs and non-biological complex drugs
  • Characterisation of New Chemical Entities
Method Development:

At the API and Formulation R&D divisions, we develop process and product specific analytical methods, which are suitable for the intended use of application. We develop various analytical methods to comply with global quality and regulatory standards.

Method Validation:

Analytical method validations are executed in alignment with stringent SOP, which is based on ICH Q2 guidelines and in adherence to cGMP & GLP requirements.

Method Transfer:

We ensure successful method transfer to the manufacturing sites with:

  • Validated robust analytical methods
  • Predefined acceptance criteria
  • Active involvement of qualified analysts


Generic Research

Innovative Process Research

Novel Chemistry
Novel Routes of Synthesis.
Process elegance.

Cost Effective Technology Development

Technology indigenization
Import substitution.
Commercial plant compliance.

Green & Safe Technologies

Environmentally friendly greener options.
Mitigating hazards through ‘safer’ reagents/reaction conditions.
Efficient effluent management.

Therapeutic Peptides

Solid / solution phase technologies.
Upgraded separation/purification systems.

Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Liposomal encapsulation.

Technologies Involving Fermentation & Semi-Synthesis

Fermentation based semi-synthetic processes.
Integrated upstream & downstream technologies


Intellectual Property

IP Management

In-House management of generation/identification & protection.
Coordination during patent prosecution.
Patent vigilance on competitor applications.
Coordination of local/global patent litigation.