About us

Company philosophy

One and only objective of a Corporate Philosophy for Britannia Biological LLP is to deliver quality products at affordable rate.

We are engage in developing low cost medicines by engaging R&D for production optimization, increasing our product range and adding more lines to our production facilities and are focused to build a production empire so we may pursue our goal of achieving what we propagate.


• To continue to be recognised as a reliable provider of healthcare products and services by customers the world over.
• To provide superior value to our customers and stakeholders, by being innovative, focused and specialized.
• To create and sustain a work environment that values people, promotes learning, nurtures innovation and leads to collective excellence.


• To attain leadership in all our business units
• To be respected and admired by patients, physicians and all stake-holders in our business
• To achieve sustained sales and profit growth

Customer Orientation

• To recognize that the customer is most important for our survival and growth
• To interact with customers with regularity and treat each customer as the only and most important one
• To create and sustain long-term relationships with customers
• To receive customer’s feedback and give it your highest attention


• To human dignity – respect for all, respect differences in culture, language, opinions
• To integrity – demonstrate consistency in actions and words
• To business goals – making it happen consistently

Our Strengths

• Research: The Company’s strength in research and people has been the cornerstone of its success.
• Culture: The Company is opportunity-driven, responding to new ideas and developments with industrial discipline on the one hand and strategic flexibility on the other.
• Integration: The Company is integrated across the value chain – APIs to formulations – in the manufacture of select products leading to corresponding advantages in terms of cost, quality and logistics.
• Spread: The Company addresses opportunities across the oncology, CNS, gastrointestinal, migraine and anti-depressant segments, each of which is growing in size and scope.
• Intellectual Capital: The company demonstrated a high retention of senior management professionals over the last number of years, catalyzing relationships management across all stakeholders and informed decision-making.
• Research Effectiveness: Research Effectiveness: A majority of the company’s oncology basket of products were first generic versions in India.
• Innovation: The company leveraged its deep understand of manufacturing equipment to make design improvements that helped moderate capital expenditure and enhance profitability.



Britannia Biological LLP has excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure units in Assam, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The production plants are WHO-GMP certification for their compliance to international standards of manufacturing. Not only this, but they also meet the cGMP norms, As per the international Norms.

The infrastructure includes dedicated HAVC systems with environment control (temp and humidity) at individual production steps and auxiliary area’s. Complete water management system with loop, separate storage and supply management system for each categories of drugs. Services including compressed air, refrigeration, electricity generation, purified water plant, distillation plant, ETP plants and boiler for steam generation are provided in the engineering block.

The units have various benefits like proximity to a major seaport, convenient access to international airport, rail & road connection and latest communication facilities.


Committed to the safety and health

An integral part of pharmaceutical manufacturing in India, we are one of the most renowned and trusted companies globally. We are fully committed to the safety and health of all our stakeholders, including employees, contractors, and visitors. We take utmost care of our environment and use modern methods for waste management and hygiene so that the risks are eliminated.

We organize workshops that train people to contribute to the safety of the environment & eliminate pollution.

  • To identify, maintain and update systems to improve safety, health and keep a check on the environmental hazards and risks associated
  • To identify the high-risk areas and improve working conditions to prevent accidents, health dangers, and pollution
  • To minimize waste generation and promote recycling and harvesting rainwater
  • To cut down the energy and power consumption
  • To minimize harmful solids, liquids and gas emissions
  • To spread safety awareness with adequate training and drills
  • To work with suppliers who have sound health, safety, and environmental policies
Environment Health and Safety Management

We are committed to environmental stewardship across the value chain. All our manufacturing sites are ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified thus conforming to world Environment, Health and Safety standards. The primary objective of our EHS programme is to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, on our employees and on communities in surrounding areas.

  • Effluent Management
  • Air Pollution Control Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Recovery and Reuse of Solvents

are all done in compliance with world standards.

Health & Safety

To ensure that all our employees are at minimal risk, we follow the “Best Practices” programme at all plants. This includes:

  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management Cell.
  • Occupational Health Centres.
  • Regular Industrial Hygiene surveys.
  • Health Risk Assessment studies.
  • Mandatory safety training for both employees and contractors.
  • Chemical Management system.
  • Risk Analysis before the construction of a new facility and the modification of an existing one.
  • Elaborate fire fighting systems comprising alarm systems, manual call points, sprinkler systems, pressurized fire hydrant system are in operation at all plants.

The safety performance of the company is reviewed at the level of COO and Corporate EHS Head on a monthly basis and at the Board level on a quarterly basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are committed to the interests of the society by taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of our operations.

The company is committed to improving the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society at large.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


We believe in preserving socio-economic and environmental balance which continues to be eroded by the effects of urbanisation and industrialization. Our contribution towards maintaining equilibrium will be through initiatives in education, health care, livelihood enhancement and environment preservation.

Objectives / Initiatives

Our vision for CSR continues to reflect the programs that we have undertaken through decades past. These now qualify under the current CSR regulations.

We commit to sustainable and reliable initiatives in education, health care and environment. We would undertake these within our corporate structure by formulating and implementing programs in the initiatives mentioned below unless it is found reasonable or necessary to undertake such programs through a third party trust as permissible under law.

As a part of its CSR activities, the Company may undertake projects and / or programs in the following fields.

Health Care

Promoting healthcare through:

  • Prevention and Awareness Programs
  • Nutritional programs
  • Health care facilities
  • Providing health care equipment & medication
  • Health oriented technology incubators

Promoting environmental sustainability, ecological balance, and protection of flora and fauna through:

  • Awareness for protection and Preservation of flora and fauna
  • Institutes and organisations for preservation and protection of flora & fauna
  • PMO Relief Funds during natural calamities

Projects / Programs & Budgets

Sustainable projects / programs will form part of the CSR activities. Based on their impact, these may be altered in their scope and allocated budgets, from time to time.

The surplus arising out of the CSR projects or programs or activities shall not form part of the business profit of the Company.